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Soon after the horrors of the First World War, Mandate Lodge was consecrated on 9th June 1921 following the formation of a group of masons from different lodges all of whom belonged to a local club in Brondsbury. Daughter of Samson Lodge, Mandate Lodge has grown from strength to strength and in 1951 itself founded a Daughter Lodge, Lodge of Attainment.

Today Mandate Lodge's membership is very much the embodiment of the spirit of Freemasonry, and it is both privileged and delighted to have members who are from all religions, and amongst our ranks, are brethren from all parts of the world. This mixture of cultures adds greatly to the strength of Freemasonry in general and Mandate Lodge in particular. Mandate Lodge is a family lodge with Sons following their Fathers and Grandfathers in the noble art of Freemasonry, and today we have one member whose Great Grandfather was a founder of the Lodge. There is currently a waiting list of people wishing to join Mandate Lodge and although there is a trend of London Masons moving to the provinces, Mandate Lodge is a London Lodge within province of Metropolitan Grand Lodge that meets at the very heart of Freemasonry at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street.

Freemasonry has a role to play in modern society in bringing together men of high integrity from all walks of life to an Ancient Institution, whose branches are spread over the four quarters of the globe, with a common aim. Steeped in tradition and history, Freemasonry has mysteries that date back many hundreds of years, yet those rituals form part of the fun of Freemasonry. Its charitable donations are a matter of public record and Mandate Lodge is proud of the contribution it has made over the years and in seven years time Mandate Lodge will celebrate its centenary on 9th June 2021. Mandate Lodge will mark the occasion with charitable money raised in the Centenary Fund.

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Freedom Lodge No. 35, Istanbul

In 2007, Mandate Lodge twinned with Freedom Lodge No. 35 which meets in Istanbul, Turkey and was the first English Lodge to twin with a Turkish Lodge.


The Grand Lodge of Turkey is a single ritual jurisdiction, working the Turkish Ritual which is largely based on the Modern Ritual of Scotland, but with several continental additions stemming from the French and Schroeder Rites. Freedom Lodge is one of three Turkish Lodges whose ritual is conducted in English.

Mandate Lodge is well known for its splendid social events and since twinning with Freedom Lodge No.35 in Istanbul, Turkey, our social calendar has taken on more of an international flavour with trips to Turkey, or hosting events in London with members of Freedom Lodge.

A number of members of Mandate Lodge with their guests,went on a trip to Istanbul in October 2013 to visit our sister lodge Freedom Lodge where once again Turkish hospitality was enjoyed at at its best. 
For more information please on the Grand Lodge of Turkey - Click here.

Tuesday Club - Sowing the seeds of our sucess

Mandate Lodge has a new team organising the Tuesday Club and the next Tuesday Club will be on 7th October at 6:30pm at Antalya Restaurant, 103-105 Southampton Row, London WC1 4BH. The topic for the evening will be "Why I joined Freemasonry" and the talk promises to be most interesting. All are welcome - see LOI.

The Tuesday Club has been a great success for Mandate Lodge in attracting interest in the Craft in general and Mandate Lodge in particular. Run as part of Lodge of Instruction, the Tuesday Club is a good example of some of the ideas that were promoted by Metropolitan Grand Lodge at their recent Seminar 'Sowing the Seeds of Success' on Thursday 4th September 2014.

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