Our Founders


Photograph of the Founders of Mandate Lodge

This photograph was taken at the Consecrating meeting in 1921.

Standing: W. Bro Saul Woolf (DC) W. Bro Moss Moses (Founder) W. Bro Harry Perkins (Founder) Bro Ralph Woolf Junr. (IG) W. Bro Alfred Balcombe (JW) Bro. Joseph Phillips (Steward) Bro. Isidore Aarons (SW) Bro. Myer Freedman (Steward) W.Bro Philip Mordant (SD) W.Bro H Joel Bro. Leon Edelshain (ADC)

Seated: W.Bro Newman Goldman (Secretary) W. Bro. Joseph Freedman (IPM) W. Bro Sampson Freedman (WM) W.Bro. J. E. Goldstein (Consecrating Warden) W.Bro Ralph Woolf (Treasurer) W. Bro. Joe Davies (Almoner)

Founders and First Offices not in Photograph: Bro. Albert Neilson W. Bro. Sidney Warwick (Organist) W.Bro. G.E. Skinner (Tyler)

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