The Centinery Charitable Fund

In 2021, Mandate Lodge will be celebrating its centenary and in recognition of this major milestone in the Lodge’s history, a charitable fund has been created so annual donations can be made to this account in order that in 2021 Mandate Lodge can make a significant donation to a worthy cause. It is hoped that this will leave a lasting legacy in years to come.

Charitable Donations received

2011 (Opening funds transferred from Mandate Lodge charitable fund)




Legacies - Have you remembered Mandate Lodge Centenary Charitable Fund in your Will

If you have already made a Will and not mentioned the Lodge, you do not need to rewrite it; you can easily add a codicil. If you have not yet made a Will, then you should. A Will helps avoid confusion or even arguments among your family as to what should go to whom, while ensuring your wishes are kept. It is also an opportunity leave charitable donations and to benefit good causes, which can include leaving a bequest - however large or small - to the Mandate Lodge Centenary Fund.

The funds for the Mandate Lodge Centenary Charitable Fund are held by the Masonic Charitable Foundation under the Relief Chest Scheme which is a registered charity and so any such bequest is highly tax efficient. If you want any further details, then please do speak to your Solicitor who can arrange it.

.Mandate Lodge Cufflinks

To mark the occasion of the Millennium, Mandate Lodge Cufflinks were commissioned and there is rare opportunity to purchase a magnificent pair of these Limited edition mandate lodge cufflinks.  The suggested price of £20.00 (or more) will be donated to the Centenary fund. To date £810 has so far been raised.

For all enquiries, please contact the Charity Steward.



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