Our Birth

Following the turmoil of The Great War, new Masonic life was born....

In 1920 some members of Samson, Friars, Royal George and Joppa Lodges, all founders of the Brondesbury Club of Instruction, realised that their respective Lodges were of a formidable size and it was an opportune time to form a new Lodge, wherein fathers and sons, relatives and friends could meet together in an atmosphere of comradeship and in a true spirit of fraternal union.

Along with members of a few other lodges, a committee of sixteen keen and enthusiastic members was formed and a meeting was held at Pagani's Restaurant in Great Portland Street where the matter was further discussed.

Another committee meeting was held one Sunday afternoon at the house of the W. Bro Isadore Aarons, 40 Teignmouth Road, Brondsbury when to the surprise of his wife, he invited about fifteen gentlemen to tea!

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Further committee meetings were held at the houses of W. Bro. Moss Moses and Bro. Alfred Balcombe and it is interesting to note that both their sons, Samuel and Edwin respectively were destined to become pillars of the Lodge rising,to be honoured rank of "Grand Lodge" and serve more than fifty years as members. But the story continues further with Alfred's grandson John who not only rose to be honoured the rank of Senior Grand Warden, but was also knighted for his work as a lord Justice of Appeal.

A suitable name and crest had to be chosen, and as it was at about this period that Mandates were being granted in respect of certain countries. It was therefore decided that the proposed Lodge should be called Mandate Lodge and it was agreed that the crest should be a representation of the handing over of a mandate. It was also resolved that the meetings of the Lodge should be held at that well-known haunt of Bohemians, the Cafe Royal.

Thus was conceived the formation of the Mandate Lodge.

Accordingly, application was made to Grand Lodge in the prescribed form, and on 8 February 1921, a petition was signed in the Samson Lodge No. 1668 by the W.M., and wardens in open Lodge.

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