Mandate Lodge gives a further donation to CyberKnife:

At the Installation Meeting, a donation of £3,341.50 for CyberKnife was presented to the Met GL Inspector W.Bro. John Hussey, PJGD making the total given by Mandate Lodge £10,341.50. The new Master also announced that Mandate Lodge would continue to support the Met Grand Lodge appeals. The amount donated puts Mandate Lodge in the top 38 London Lodges to have supported CyberKnife.

May 2012

James O'Brien, Radio presenter on LBC 97.3 interview with The Grand Secretary:

On Friday, 9th March 2012, James O'Brien dedicated the first half of his morning radio show on LBC 97.3 to Freemasonry and he spoke to Nigel Brown, the Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England, who debunked some of the myths about the Freemasons. Listen to the fascinating discussion here or download.

March 2012

Mandate Lodge raises £10,000 for CyberKnife:

Since the donation of £7,000 was paid last year to the CyberKnife appeal, further pledges and donations have continued, resulting in Mandate Lodge reaching its target to raise £10,000 for CyberKnife.

The Metropolitan Masonic Charity Appeal for CyberKnife has been a huge success and since February 2010, over £1.7 Million has been raised and given to Bart's Hospital for the purchase of the CyberKnife which was installed last year and is now operational. See Barts Cancer Centre. However a further £800,000 is still needed and the additional money raised by Mandate Lodge will be given to The Metropolitan Masonic Charity Appeal at the Installation Meeting in May.

Commenting on the CyberKnife, Andrew Douglas, Chief Executive of Barts and the London Charity, said,
"I am delighted with the installation of CyberKnife. The Oncology unit here at Barts is increasing the use of
CyberKnife in a very progressive and worthwhile program. The effect on people’s lives and wellbeing cannot be
understated. The NHS Commissioners have given very favourable support to the services being offered by The
Trust and CyberKnife. My thanks go to all those Freemasons who have made this possible. CyberKnife will be
their legacy in the onward going development in the treatment of Cancer."

The CyberKnife is not actually a knife at all. It's a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that allows
specialist oncologists to treat tumours and other medical conditions painlessly without the need for an
operation. CyberKnife uses pencil beams of radiation which can be directed at any part of the body from any
direction via a robotic arm. The robotic arm tracks the tumour's position, detects any movement of the
tumour or patient, and automatically corrects its positioning before targeting the tumour with multiple
beams of high-energy radiation, destroying abnormal tissue without damaging surrounding areas.
The treatment is so accurate that it's now possible to treat tumours previously thought to be inoperable.

February 2012

Mandate Lodge raises £7,000 for CyberKnife

In July 2011, Mandate Lodge was awarded Grand Patron Level by Metropolitan Masonic Charity for its Contribution made to the CyberKnife London Appeal. The sum of £7,000 has been donated to this worthy cause by Mandate Lodge.

July 2011



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